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I’ve always been pretty candid about the fact that I’m not a big fan of frameworks. I think they’re great for prototyping and for very simple applications. In my experience, though, whatever time you save starting your application up is lost when the inevitable quirky requirements and unexpected complexities force you to eventually extricate parts of your app from the framework you built it in.

That said, I have a number of friends who happen to be big Laravel fans and I’ve told most of them, at one point or another, that I’m willing to give it an honest chance before I write it off completely (like most other “full-stack” frameworks.) Patryk Kruk, one of my colleagues at POLITICO, is a particularly persistent voice in my ear both to give Laravel a shot and to actually update my blog on occasion, so I dedicate this project to him.

This site is sitting in a dusty corner of a shared hosting account that I’ve had sitting around for years. It’s well past time to modernize and move it. That’s my project: rebuild this personal site (in my spare time between work, personal projects, and other commitments) using Laravel and move it off this shared hosting account that I probably should have closed during the Bush administration.

The Parameters

  • Use all the “main” features of Laravel (i.e. Eloquent, facades, etc.) at least once.
  • Gotta have serviceable blogging functionality that isn’t a complete PITA to use.
  • Blog my progress at least weekly, even if it’s just to say I didn’t do anything.
  • Make the code freely available.

That’s all there is to it, really. At least I’ll finally be able to get the Laravel fans in my life off my back.

Or maybe I’ll end up joining them?

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